What is NAD+ & what are its benefits?

Our Australian Sydney-based company is passionate about providing, educating and informing you about the health benefits of NAD+ IV Therapy and NR supplements legally available in Australia to help you live your best quality life.

If you would like to find out more, our team of Registered Nurses are available to answer any questions you may have. Just fill in the Quick Enquiry form below, and we will call you back. To consult one of our doctors please contact us for an appointment. All the advice, support, information you access from us and registration is 100% obligation free – it is our privilege to provide you with these great products that can assist you in you in living your highest quality life!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to NR supplements being a prescription medication, all of our customers are required to fill out the registration page and medical questionnaire  in order to view or purchase specific supplements. A medical team member will contact you to discuss your order and schedule a doctor consultation.

All of our NR Supplements are prescribed by experienced anti-ageing doctors, and arrive directly to you from the pharmacy. The packaged prescription will include your name, product name, dose, and potency. The product arrives ready to use, cold packed and reconstituted. All of our products that are in injectable form also come with the syringes and swabs required to complete your course.

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NAD+ and NR Supplements are suitable for both men and women

A proactive and preventative approach to health and anti-ageing is fast becoming Australian’s response to living a good life. Our solution to a variety of health, fitness, and age-related concerns can greatly assist us all in living our highest quality of life. NAD+ and NR Supplement have been around for a long time and have now recently come to our attention due to some of the amazing health benefits discovered. Some of the benefits that NAD+ and NR supplements can assist you with during your journey to health and wellbeing include:

  • ENERGY Increased energy and emotional stability
  • MENTAL HEALTH improved clarity of mind renewed sense of purpose
  • MEMORY improved mental functioning and strength
  • WEIGHT lose weight
  • SKIN increased skin elasticity, texture, and tightness
  • MUSCLE lean muscle gains, strength and mass
  • FAT fat tissue reduction
  • BONE improved bone strength and density
  • LIBIDO increased sexual potency and frequency
  • HEART improved cardiovascular strength and lower blood pressure
  • KIDNEY improved kidney function
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM improved immunity and healing
  • HAIR improved hair texture
  • CHOLESTEROL elevated HDL and lowered LDL

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You will first need to complete our simple online medical questionnaire. This is a legal requirement due to the regulation of prescription medications in Australia. We cannot legally advertise specific products to the general public without first ascertaining you are over 18 years of age and have submitted the required medical records.

All medical information is confidentially stored on our medical database.

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