NAD+ – A Beneficial Treatment for PTSD Sufferers


Those who have experienced or been witness to a traumatic event often struggle to come to terms with what they have seen. In some cases, individuals will find a way to recover and regain control over their everyday lives. However, others may find this to be an impossibility, and this is usually the first sign of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

PTSD is an extremely debilitating condition, and approximately 12% of all Australians will experience PTSD at some point during their life. Typical symptoms of PTSD include anxiousness, mood disorders, poor cognitive function and involuntary recurrent memory (flashbacks).

Common Causes of PTSD

Statistics show that approximately 1 in 4 people who have been exposed to a traumatic event will develop PTSD. Some of the most common causes of PTSD include:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Physical or Sexual Abuse
  • Natural Disasters
  • Terrorist Acts
  • Sudden death of a loved one
  • Events witnessed during military active duty

There may be triggers in an individual’s life which bring up flashbacks or nightmares of the traumatic event, and this can leave a person feeling endangered, uneasy and emotionally numb.

Many sufferers try to avoid situations which may trigger flashbacks, but this is often to their own detriment as this will limit life opportunities. For example, a PTSD sufferer may refuse to drive, avoid large crowds and in extreme cases may even refuse to leave the confines of their home.

This constant state of stress and uneasiness can drastically change a person’s outlook on life and prevent them from obtaining employment, participating in social activities and connecting with friends and family.

How NAD+ Therapy Can Help

If you have experienced a traumatic event and have not been able to recover, you may wish to explore the option of NAD+ IV Therapy along with the psychological or drug-based therapy recommended by your doctor or psychologist.

NAD+ can help to alleviate your symptoms by repairing DNA, reducing inflammation and supporting healthy cognitive function by activating the sirtuin enzymes within your body. These powerful enzymes serve to protect brain cells and stimulate growth of new neurons, and many individuals report feelings of mental clarity and balance following NAD IV treatment.

Those who suffer from PTSD usually experience depression and anxiety, and this is largely due to the depletion of neurotransmitters and chemical imbalance within the brain. NAD therapy can help nurse you back to optimal health as it will replenish nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide levels within your body, helping to reset, rebalance and restore your physical and mental wellbeing.

How is NAD+ Therapy Administered?

NAD therapy is administered intravenously. This allows for rapid absorption as it bypasses the stomach, instead the co-enzyme will quickly travel to your brain where it begins to take immediate effect.

NAD is an all-natural treatment suitable for individuals of all ages. PTSD sufferers have reported the following benefits post-treatment:

  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Improvement in Mood and Situational Awareness
  • Anti-Ageing Benefits
  • Detoxification
  • Reduced Cravings for Alcohol and Opioid Based Drugs

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Don’t let PTSD stop you from living life to the fullest, NAD therapy can help restore your bodies natural healing ability whilst replenishing neurotransmitters for improved mental clarity and balanced functioning. Our state of the art clinic has been purpose built to maximize comfort and relaxation, and we have witnessed some fantastic results with clients who suffer from PTSD.

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