NAD+ Treatment Programs

The Mind and Body Master

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) is often referred to as ‘the ultimate cellular master’ and a ‘biological rocket fuel’.

So what does this mean for you?

NAD+ is a naturally occurring co-enzyme that is present in us all. It plays a central role in the metabolism and energy production of every single cell in the body. This energy is utilised for every day functions that are vital to you living a quality life. These functions include healthy cellular reproduction, kinetics, breathing, pumping blood, digesting food, your ability to think, and generally live your life.

As you can well imagine, the body is under a great daily burden to supply sufficient enzymes to every cell, organ and tissue, required for optimal health. Also as we age our own natural supplies of this prolific co-enzyme start to decline, which makes sense in that our energy levels and cognitive function start to change as we get older also.

Available NAD+ Treatments

NAD+ Restoration Session - Half Day $450

Our NAD+ Half Day therapy is a 2 hour session targeted in assisting boosting your cognitive function boasting benefits including an increase in memory, sharper mental focus, clarity of mind, and aiding relaxation of both mind and body. This treatment is great for business professionals and students looking for that extra mental edge and sharpness in preparation for an important business meeting, team brainstorming session, or an exam.

NAD+ Restoration Session - Full Day $900

Our NAD+ Restoration Session is an 4 – 6 hour therapy targeted towards the provision of the ultimate in cellular replenishment. The benefits of this treatment are perfect for individuals who wish to elevate or maintain their;
-current health and wellbeing
-slowdown cellular ageing
-can assist in the prevention of neurodegenerative disease
-aid with healthy conception for both males and females
-provides a great recovery from periods of high stress, and also in the lead up to stressful events including weddings for both the bride and groom.
This therapy is also well established for the maintenance of good mental health. NAD+ Restoration Session can greatly assist individuals with the maintenance of sobriety from drugs and alcohol.

NAD+ 3 Day Program

Our NAD+ 3 Day Program has been developed for those seeking anti-ageing, general health and wellbeing. To help give their mind and body not only a rest, but a reboot. This program is a full three days of NAD+ treatment, performed by our qualified registered nurses, whilst you sit or lie back in our comfortable reclining massage chairs, in your own private pod, with a deliciously healthy lunch and snacks catered everyday.

  • 3 days IV NAD therapy
  • A range of IV vitamins over the 3 days, prescribed to your individual needs, as per pathology results
  • 3 days of 30 minute session of oxygen therapy
  • Vitamin B12 shot
  • Catered lunch and snacks


NAD+ 5 Day Program

Our NAD+ 5 Day Program is more intensive than our 3 day program, although you still get to relax and reboot in your own personal pod equipped with a reclining massage chair, and under the supervision of our caring and nurturing registered nurses. This program is well suited to individuals suffering with the symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and general health concerns. It is also used to assist sobriety, and is our first program that may address chronic pain. Chronic pain is complex in nature, so we suggest starting with the 5 day program, and upon completion we can discuss how you are feeling and whether you require a further 3-5 days of treatment.

  • 5 days of IV NAD
  • A range of IV vitamins over the 5 days, prescribed to your individual needs, as per your pathology results
  • 5 days of 30 minute session of oxygen therapy
  • Vitamin B12 shots
  • Catered lunch and snacks


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